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Front 242 - Clip 'Rain'

Videoclip 'Rain' for the band Front 242.
Animated procedural textures.

VJ-ing Front 242

Live video mix.

Live video mix.
'Together', 'Moldavia', 'Loud' & 'Punish your Machine'. Filmed at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.

Clips vidéo MaleOrFemale

'Could I Love a Pair of Wings'

These two videoclips have been made for the DVD 'Male or Female', a musical project Daniel from Bressanutti et Patrick Codenys.
Produced by Rod Chong, this DVD is based on randomness. It means that the music and the videos will be entirely different everytime you will watch it. In live the videos are projected on screens disposed at 360° around the audience. The music also is played in surround sound for a total immersion.


Opening titles for classical operas.

I worked during many years with François Roussillon and his production company FRAProd to make the opening titlles for the operas they are filming. These animations are played on TV during the intro or even played live during the shows.